Omen in Book 2.

Zeus begins to help Achilles exact revenge against Agamemnon.

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One of the foremost achievements in Western literature, Homer's Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode of the Trojan War. . 425,637 ratings10,473 reviews.


Aug 5, 2005 · At the end of the first six books of the Iliad, the arrival of spring brought the usual interruptions of exercise and air, which increased as the summer advanced to a degree so unfavorable to the progress of Homer, that in the requisite attention to their salutary claims, the revisal was, at one time, altogether at a stand. . ) #2199 (No footnotes or illustrations) #6130 (Many line drawings, and 300 footnotes).

. 1 Book 1.

The Iliad.


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. Interwoven in the tragic sequence of events are powerfully moving.

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Hecuba joins her entreaties, but in vain.


in two volumes.

A. ) #2199 (No footnotes or illustrations) #6130 (Many line drawings, and 300 footnotes). 66ff - the wind Agamemnon’s Test! Sceptre/Staff 2.

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The Catalogues in Book 2 recieve especially full treatment.

. Book 4: The Armies Clash.

And as a god giveth to longing seamen a fair wind when they have grown weary of beating the sea with polished oars of fir, and with weariness.

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,sends Iris, the messenger of the gods, to warn the Trojans after the greeks assemble to come to troy.


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